These are the 10 laziest life hacks you will ever see

Ahh, life hacks. One of those little treasures that only the internet could have invented.

In case you weren’t aware, life hacks are nifty little tricks designed to make your life easier. Except – when I say “easier,” I probably mean more manageable, or efficient.

These people? They take life hacking to a whole other level:

1. Birthday hack

Make a wish. Life is easier that way!

2. Garbage hack

Think of how many calories you’ll save!

3. Hand-turning hack

No more straining your wrist.

4. Line hack

Possible design flaw: No wheels. Must scoot chair with legs.

5. Line hack mk. II

Bug fixes: Removed need to scoot chair.

6. Parent hack

Also features a latch key!

7. Burger hack

Simply marvelous.

8. Hockey stick hack

For the work-at-home buyer, this stick doubles as a special typing wand.

9. Cereal hack

Who were you trying to impress with your fancy “bowls” anyway?

10. Straw hack

Look – when you’re this snug, you’ll understand.

Src: The Life Tips