This 8-year-old girl chose to wear jeans and t-shirts, rather than dresses. What happened next is SERIOUSLY wrong

For most of us being a kid means having the opportunity to explore what we like, and who we are. That’s a fair point, right?

Well this isn’t the case for young Sunnie Kahle, as she’s been accused by her school of sexual-immorality, simply because she likes having short hair, and wearing jeans and t-shirts.

At 8 years old you’re far too busy making barbecues in the playground, to even begin to understand what sexual-immorality is.

Thankfully, the ignorance bucks with her guardian and great-grandmother, who states:

“If my child grows up to be a homosexual or transgender, I’ll love that child that much more”.

With love like that Sunnie will excel, irrespective of the path she chooses in life.