Apple’s solution to suicidal factory workers will make you wish you never bought their products

Steve Jobs of Apple Inc may well be remembered today as the “billion dollar hippie,” but the reality of his company’s labour tells a far more rotten story.

Inside Apple’s Chinese sweatshops is a secret so heart-wrenching and evil, you will wonder why people still give them money.

It starts here, in the factory of the Hon Hai Precision Industry, an Apple producer, where workers are paid as little as £1.12 an hour.

Their job is to make iPhones and iPads for the West.

Conditions are so poor and labour is so intense that in the space of over just three months nine employees committed suicide by throwing themselves from the top of the three-story building.

The company’s solution?


That’s right – suicide nets.

They’ve been attached on all sides of the building. They are there for no other reason than to keep their workers making products.

A former Apple executive has claimed that the company has known about labour abuses in its factories for four years, “and they’re still going on because the system works for us.”