An artist attempts to make the most frustrating products you can imagine

“The Uncomfortable” is a collection of deliberately frustrating everyday objects, designed by the brilliant Katherina Kamrpani.

At first glance, none of these things look that inconvenient. But that’s the neat trick. There’s only one little thing in each of these pictures that’s been changed. And it makes the world of difference.

This pot, for example, pisses me off just looking at it:

And this chair? It hurts to imagine

I might as well just use a slipper for this one

And this one belongs in a garbage disposal


Actually, I see nothing useless about this sweet-ass forkchuck

Although I don’t know what to say about you…


I can’t do this

Why does it keep happening

I never though I’d hate something this fluffy


Every horror movie victim’s worst nightmare:

What even is this

This is killing me

Wait, that does seem so b- oh there it is!

Aw, hell no

I could actually see a hipster defending this design. That makes me more mad than ever.

I’m crying.

Src: Imgur