Most cis people don’t know what ‘cis’ means. Even fewer will realise why that matters

I am a cisgender person. I always have been, and I always will be. How did I come to that conclusion?

It’s remarkably simple:

That’s me.

Unlike a trans person, I have never had to deal with dysphoria, or transphobic discrimination, or even the fear of death.

But why does it matter?

Because as it stands, many people still view ‘cisgender’ as a kind of joke invented by “Social Justice Warriors”.

It’s part of a trend I’ve noticed from people who live relatively comfortable lives. Why do we have to label everything? Why are trans people so much more ‘militant’ than the rest of the LGBT community? Isn’t ‘cisgender’ some kind of slur?

The list goes on.

As an answer to all those questions, one Tumblr user has quite handily made the following image compilation. I’ll let each one speak for themselves:


Src: Spamanos