What happens when you chat up potential dates using only Alan Partridge quotes?

So you’re on Tinder and you drop the A-bomb…what could possibly go wrong…?

And by A-Bomb, I mean a random, casual quote by the one and only Alan Partridge…

Well, thanks to Love in the Key of Alan Partridge, now you can find out!

Remarkably, you can actually keep someone’s attention…

…but not always for long!

Sometimes, you can pull it off though!

And then sometimes this happens…

Wait what?

Somehow I gotta try this…

And, what do you know, even this works to an extent:

Obviously, you can’t come out with the big guns too early however:

But then again…

…it doesn’t hurt to try:

Yeah, so basically this re-invents the chat-up line completely.

You’re very welcome.

Now play ‘How Alan Partridge Are You?’