Here’s a simple message to every Islam-hating gay person: You are secretly homophobic

As a queer-identifying person, you can bet I’ve been approached by people who insist I rally with them against our “common enemy.”

What common enemy? Here’s a clue:

Did you spot it? “Homophobia” has a common cause – and that cause is Islam.

The people who approached me were supporters of parties like UKIP and the BNP, as well as protesters affiliated with the neo-fascist group “English Defence League.”

And sometimes this approach works. There really is a huge upsurge of Islamaphobia in the LGBT community today…

No seriously.

But isn’t there something missing here?

Well, just ask someone who identifies as both queer and Muslim. You might reconsider when you realise you are hurting the very people who you should be protecting:

Src: Queer Muslim Project