This New York artist plans to take 10,000 photos of the LGBT community

Artist iO Tillett Wright has launched the Self Evident Truths Project, a “photographic document” that aims to take pictures of over 10,000 people in the US that identify anywhere on the LGBT spectrum. That means bi, gay, trans, lesbian, questioning, or as the artist states: “undefinably fabulous.”

So you might be wondering what they’ll do with all those photos? Good question! After 10,000 photos are taken, Wright will head to Washington D.C. to display the photos in front of The Washington Monument, most likely before the 2016 presidential election.

The goal is to show support for the LGBT community and to let LGBT youth know that they are not alone. “The idea is to humanize us for those that think they don’t know any LGBT people,” says Wright.

Sounds pretty cool right? Check out this video explainer from Wright herself. Because only the actual artist can do a project like this justice!