If you really care about conservation, you’ll stop washing your hands before the fish runs out of water

The more you leave the tap running, the more you endanger the fish.

This is true no matter which way you slice it. By not conserving our water usage, we are inadvertently making the world a tougher place to survive for our aquatic friends.

That’s why Yan Lu – an incredible designer – came up with the ‘Poor Little Fishbowl Sink.’

Whenever you wash your hands, the water in the fishbowl decreases:

Oh no!

At least it’ll serve as a reminder to keep water usage at a minimum.

By the way, in case you were worried about potential hygiene issues, there’s actually no cause for concern! The fishbowl and the faucet are entirely separate. You won’t be getting fish excrement on your hands, but you will affect the volume of water that gets emptied.

See it in action: 

Src: Inhabitat