This ring is made of smog sucked out of Beijing’s polluted skies

If there’s one thing the City of Beijing is known for, it is being one of the most polluted places on Earth.

The air is so bad, and the sky is so thick, that protective masks have become commonplace to protect citizens’ health:

But what’s it like to actually breathe it in?

It’s something we don’t often think about, but Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde has come up with a remarkable way to show us what it looks like.

After inventing a machine that literally sucks the polluted air from out of the sky, he has since been busy making rings that look like this:

The diamond is fake, but can you see the black square inside? That’s it – that’s the air of Beijing.

While the artist says that he realises that pulling smog from a patch of sky won’t end pollution, he wants to remind people what fresh air looks and feels like.

“I wanted to make people part of the solution, not part of the problem,” he told Fast Co-Exist.

“Making tangible and wearable material of the smog is a way of creating awareness. By buying or sharing the smog ring you donate 1,000 cubic meters of clean air to the city.”

Let’s hope it works!

Src: Fast Co-Exist