Sydney has installed machines that give you bus tickets in exchange for recycling

Every minute across Australia, there are approximately 15,000 bottles and cans thrown into landfills.

The people of Sydney however, may soon be one big exception. Better than simply asking people to recycle and praying on good faith, these citizens have been made an offer they can’t refuse.

People who put their bottles and cans into the reverse vending machines will not only keep their city clean, they will also be rewarded with a small gift.

So far, these gifts include two-for-one food truck vouchers, bus tickets, or a 10 cent donation to charity.

And guess what?

…It’s totally working!

Even before being officially announced, three of Sydney’s machines had already filled up with more than 6,000 containers.

Within the first three days of being launched, more than 10,000 containers were recycled between just two machines.

Now imagine it – think of the impact this would make if the scheme went global. This could be our future!

Src: Science Alert AU