The 10 most mindblowing signatures you will ever see

See that on the dotted line? That’s art. Here are the 10 coolest looking signatures I’ve ever seen. I guarantee you’ll be blown away.

Elizabeth II:

Getting things started. A classic combination of style and elegance.

Albrecht Dürer:

Straight to the point. A terrific modernist masterpiece!

Judit Polgár:

The strongest female chess player in history – the Hungarian grand-master with the cheeky little face.

Carl Friedrich Gauss:

The mathematician extraordinaire with the surprisingly flowery signature!


Probably my favourite of all time. Total perfection.

Salvador Dali:

As stylish as his painting!

Walt Otto:

Cutest little bike ever.

Aubrey Beardsley:

Imagine writing this every time you had a book signing!

William Adlington Barrow Cadbury:

Created by the grandson of the founder of Cadbury, John Cadbury, on which its logo is based.

The Tughra of Mahmud II:

It reads “Mahmud Khan son of Abdul Hamid forever victorious.”

Kurt Vonnegut:

I don’t think I need to point out the most amazing sideways-face ever.

Src: Quora